Q: Can I drive over the bottom track?
A: Yes you can. The bottom track is constructed from one piece of galvanised steel, shaped to allow your car to drive over easily. Any air inflated rubber tyre can easily cross this door track.

Q: What height can you go to?
A: 3.6mts high

Q: What length can you go to?
A: Up to 6mts for one door or 12 mts for a double door, without a centre mullion

Q: What is the door made of?
A: Quality BlueScope Steel ColorBond metal.

Q: What warranty has the motor got?
A: Up to 24 months warranty, depending on the type of motor used.

Q: What warranty has the door itself got?
A: If Vic Sideroll doors installs the door, then 12 months on installation.

Q: How do I receive a quote?
A: Go to our web page, fill in the relevant information, and email this to us and we will send you back an estimated quote. If this quote is acceptable, then we come and do an onsite measure and give you a final quote.

Q: Can I install this door myself?
A: Yes you can. We have an extensive fitting instruction manual that is available on our web page.

Q: What colours are there available?
A: Surfmist, Classic Cream, Paperbark, Monument and Woodland Grey. Get colour swatches from your local store who sells ColorBond steel products.

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