Learn More About Side Roll Doors

The side roll roller door simply rolls across sideways without lifting or reaching up and without raising your arms above your waistline.

When you need to enter the garage, not specifically for driving your vehicle in or out, but maybe gaining access to the mower or tools, the side roll roller door only needs to be partially opened by rolling the door the required distance so the garage isn’t fully exposed to the weather.

The side roll roller door is the ideal choice for your street front entrance. It providing security, ease of access with the wireless remote and a minimal loss of yard space whilst improving the appearance of your property from the street. Giving you extra street appeal.

The side roll roller door can also be used as a commercial shop front security door. This allows you to install the door in stores with low ceilings while giving you a full-width shop front opening.

The side roll roller door can be fitted into any fence line with an opening up 6.0 Metres wide and 3.6 Metres high.

The motor mechanise is located inside the door roll and is weather protected with a metal flashing.

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Secure your property with a Side Roll Door.