Side Roll Roller Door Technical Specifications

The door is secured by a lock at waist height adding additional security to your space.

Loss of Door Opening Height - NIL (if minimum 100 mm clearance above door opening on the inside for a small manual door or 120 mm minimum for motorised door)

Loss of Door Opening Width - 60 mm on Manual doors - Varies on Auto to max 60 mm (depending on side clearance on the inside of the opening)

Headroom required to fit door - 100 mm minimum inside the building (see above)

Single Door installation can be up to 6.0 metres wide

Double Door installation can be up to 12.0 metres wide with no centre column.

Up to 3.6 Metres in heightTechnical Data Sheets

Radio control operation available. (remote controlled)

Secure convenient locking. (Manual Doors)

Left or Right hand operation available

Colours available: Surfmist - Paperbark - Classic Cream - Woodland Grey - Wilderness