Q: My door hesitates half way closed.
A: Needs more tension, pull down on nylon cord at front of door and tie another bow. If you have a double door, this happens when the second trolley does not ride up into to top track smoothly.

Q: My door reverses back when opening.
A: Could be an object in the bottom track or tray that is causing resistance. Clean out both track and tray

Q: The door is ballooning in the tray or rushes forward in the closing cycle.
A: Add more tension, as per above.

Q: My door is dragging in the tray and bottom track.
A: Add more tension, as per above.

Q: My control box does not work.
A: Check the fuse and change if necessary

Q: My remote does not work.
A: Change the battery. Check you are pressing on the bottom of the large button then try the remote again.

Q: My remote works intermittently.
A: You may be too far away from the receiver, or the batteries are going flat.

Q: My motor not working at all
A: Check the fuse in the control box and check power point.

Q: I can hear a clunking noise when nearly open.
A: The large ring gear in the motor has stripped the gearing. Call your service person.

Q: I can hear the motor working but not operation the door.
A: Check the disengage lever on top of motor, this should be parallel to motor.

For more information, you may print out the General Maintenance Sheet and have it close to your door at all times.